Local Builders Do it Better

When it comes to securing products or services locally, do not underestimate your local trades people.

When Johnathan and Susan came to the realisation that with just their second child they had quite quickly outgrown their family home they were shocked.

“We thought a three bedroom home would be quite adequate for our needs” says Susan.

“In addition to our three bedrooms, we have a dining room and a living room, a bathroom and toilet. What we did not consider is that in today’s age of information and entertainment which comes to us from so many different sources, it is quite easy to have, at times, the family each consuming their own type of entertainment from different sources – and that can not be done in the one lounge room.”

Johnathan and Susan have extended their home with two extra rooms: a study and a media room.

“The change has been remarkable” stated Johnathan. Now I can spend time in the study and catch up with work, or even catch up with a downloaded movie or two.

Susan also benefits by getting the living room back under control with her choice of TV shows, while the kids are just loving the media room in which they have access to their games consoles and recorded TV shows.

Everyones happy.

So how did this all end so well?

“It was important for us that a local builder did our extension” said Johnathan.

A local builder lives on the back of their reputation. A good local builder never gives up for one of their neighbours.

In the beginning we didn’t really know what we wanted. In fact we even started the job thinking one thing, then changed the idea half way through. Dustin, DJ Marsh builders was very accommodating. He understood our position and took our side on everything.